The Demoman Bible Part II: Positioning

We are now going to be moving on to the nitty gritty of this Bible. First of all we will be looking at positioning, where to stand in certain situations, positioning when engaging in fights, and where you need to be to help maximise your potential.

This is going to contain some amazing artistry.



The Demoman Bible Part I: The Commandments & Introduction.

Welcome to what should hopefully be a recurring feature to my ever impressive blog. i52 is now over, I’m suffering from severe depression, so what better ways to ease my woes than type a shit ton of nonsense!

The effort I’m about to put in could however be completely made irrelevant again by one swift flick of Valve’s shitty balance wand!

So without further ado, let’s get started…


Aim theory

Okay, so I did a video on my stream where I talked about aim as whole, how to do it, picking your sensitivity, things you can do to be more consistent etc. The video was a bit scrappy but I think I talk about some interesting and useful stuff as well, either way I will give you all the information at the end with the things that I talk about, but this article is to just go over a few things that I felt I didn’t really get across well…


Decimating the opponents

Another requested post was in relation to damage, so here we are. This is going to cover some of the basic parts of doing “the dam dam” efficiently, getting under the skin of opponents, creating space and making the most out of the damage that you do.

Most importantly though it’s going to make sure you get some awesome looking logs! 


How not to die in the first 5 seconds of Granary middle.

Welcome to Granary, the map where you will constantly get jumped/rushed/sniped/stabbed/stroked/molested by something from somewhere! This takes place more often than not on Granary middle, so for my own personal benefit I’m going to wow you with fabulous insight on how not to die sometimes! (more…)

Learning to stand

So, in this lovely post I’m going to talk about the best places to stand on a map! I know, it sounds just to good to be true!

Positioning is the most vital thing in a game, as a demoman you are one of the most important players for your team, you can single handedly win your team a round and lose one as well. This post is going to look at one of the most fundamental parts that will help improve you as a player…