How to hit all your pipes by following this simple guide!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the secrets are finally revealed, the reasons why doctors hate me with my most requested secret (given out with a payment of £19.99) will now be told. I will go through the standard stuff like how to improve pipes, when to use them effectively and your general mindset when you use them.

This is of course coming from me, WARHURYEAH, the best demoman in the world , I have a long list of stats to prove how effective I am (although I did go from from 2.4 scouts per game at i49 killed with direct pipes to 2.3 during season 16 which I do apologise for).

Anyway, this is something you may need to practice because then how else are you going to make it into the prestigious eXtv’s top 10 plays of the month when you hit a double airshot in tf2pickup? (more…)