10 years since blog post

Aight lads,

So it’s been a while for a number of reasons.

I did a post about my health situation a while ago which has improved quite a bit thankfully.

This doesn’t mean my blog is going to be revitalised with a new lease of life, but it does mean that I can explore other things that I have been wanting to do.

First of all I have started a podcast which is on iTunes and on some other podcast related sites/applications, here’s a YouTube version. This will mainly be focused on a while host of things, not just TF2 related.

I’ve also started to do peripheral reviews of mice, keyboards etc. which can again be found on my YouTube channel.

Hopefully I will be doing TF2 related things again in the future, at the moment I’m very much focused on doing things that I really enjoy to keep my happiness levels as high as possible.

If you’ve stuck around this long I thank you a lot. It means a lot.

Till next time (maybe soon),