Gullywash Last Defence

So I’m going to be going back to posts about certain parts of maps as I felt they were the most helpful, when I was doing some demo reviews I always saw demomen struggle to make themselves effective on certain parts of a map, I will look at middles again in the future, but personally I think that last points are critical, if a demoman is ineffective at pushing or defending last then they have lost the round before it has even begun.

First up we are going to be looking at Gullywash last; there’s a lot to go over in the defencive stand point which is why I’m doing this first.

I’ll go through various positions, traps, mindsets and when to use these depending on the scenarios.



10 years since last blog post

Just a minor update as I’ve had a few people asking when my next article is. Basically I’m pretty busy arranging a Holiday next week so I’m kinda swamped, there’s already an article 50% done which is going to look at Granary last from a demoman perspective, this will be done maybe a week or two from now. I did do a demo review on my stream that I may upload and complete on Sunday.

I’m not dead and I will keep trying to bring you some content.

Thank you for your patience.