Badlands Middle Control

So, for this article I will be taking a look at Badlands middle from a Demoman point of view and briefly from a team point of view as well. With this map being the most popular map in TF2 I thought it would be good to help people control the Badlands mid fight.


Sticky Traps

My first article I thought I’d write a very short post on sticky traps, why? Because they create round winning, and game winning moments. It’s also something that quite a few demo men are missing from the lower to mid table divisions and aren’t being as effective when it comes to traps.

In this post I will explain how traps are best used, and the mind games behind them.


Coming soon…

So, over the next few weeks I will be writing some short, basic and poorly written guides on demoman, I should have my first article up in a couple of days time.