WAR vs. Europe

Hello boys n’ girls, it’s time for a new article!

This one has been done by Gentlemen Jon who, as my number #1 fan, was outraged by me not getting the best demoman on the season award. Enraged by this Jon gathered up a plethora of stats to show you guys who is actually the best!

It then turned out that I was the best anyway but here’s the article…


Due to recent gross injustices during ETF2L award shows it’s clear that some educational material needs to be published highlighting the true state of Demoman supremacy in Europe, specifically the extent to which War now dominates the field.

I’m not going to make it easy, War is going to be pitting against the best stats from every player in every team in ETF2L in season 19 – not individual players, the best individual stat any player on those teams can muster. Then the best from the whole of the league.





War’s forte and the Demoman’s raison d’être, the ability to produce vast amounts of damage for your team mates to clean up, if they have the balls to follow you in that is. But did anyone in the league manage to match or beat him? A kritz heavy Russian demo? Maybe a monster pocket soldier?

Of course this is a joke, no one can keep pace with the Barnsley bruiser. The best efforts were the relentlessly aggressive Exon from LBC and 4-25’s kritz fuelled demoman gdk. Look at bk down there, that’s Ryb by the way.

So moving on from destructive puissance comes survivability. It’s easy to cause loads of damage if you don’t care about dying right? So there must be a downside to all this log whoring, surely most teams have a cleanup scout or a passive pocket soldier who have a more positive fragging ratio?




Nope. The only player doing the business is Tek but only by a whisker. Zebbosai manages a fairly close 3rd on this count (to get Ryb’s figure you have to move down towards the 1). This does leave the intriguing possibility that a combination of Exon’s damage and Tek’s survival might oust War in the final reckoning. It doesn’t look like any other team has a candidate to challenge the Yorkshire Yob.

But before that something I want to look at is kills per minute. I don’t expect War to have high numbers here for two reasons. Firstly unlike those able to challenge him in the charts above, he had two of the best scouts in the league stealing his kills, whereas he’s being measured against those who do the kill stealing on other teams. And secondly War’s team spent the first half of the season refusing to push last points and purposefully emulating NA passivity in a high stakes environment.


Kills per Minute


As we can see Zebbosai is boosted by a license for relentless aggression. The LBC candidate here is actually CaptainHax, the Frenchies bringing in a top reserve from the bench, and the coolclan and Eshock representatives are the clean-up artists wltrs and Nico. On War’s own team Smzi is the leader here. It’s clear that when it comes to kill rate it’s generally scouts cleaning up that lead the field with the exception of the self-appointed battering ram CaptainHax.

But enough of this detour, how does the final combination of player ratings look? At usual I’m using the rating method outlined on vanillatf2 to combine damage and KD to produce an overall representation of a player’s effect on the game. Remember, War isn’t pitted against any individual players here, but a combination of the best stats any team can muster.





It’s close with LBC but War comes out on top. His combination of damage dealing and survivability contributed more than even hypothetically created players made from the league’s best stats. I couldn’t have made it any easier on the rest of European TF2, but none of them could match the Destroyer from the Dales.

At this point I was expecting to be able to take the further step of bringing the best stats from more than one team together to make the final comparison, but seeing as LBC offer the best competition on all fronts this actually covers everything. I do think there is a better way of showing it the whole picture in one chart though.


So for those of you who voted for War as Demo of the Season, feel assured that your vote was cast correctly. There is of course now the matter of War’s exclusion from the best player EU overall vote. We can only hope that sanity will prevail in the Season 20 awards.

– Gentleman Jon

There you have it guys, numbers don’t lie, unless it’s to do with my penis size.

I MIGHT have another article for the Demoman Bible out in a few days.



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