Gullywash Last Defence

So I’m going to be going back to posts about certain parts of maps as I felt they were the most helpful, when I was doing some demo reviews I always saw demomen struggle to make themselves effective on certain parts of a map, I will look at middles again in the future, but personally I think that last points are critical, if a demoman is ineffective at pushing or defending last then they have lost the round before it has even begun.

First up we are going to be looking at Gullywash last; there’s a lot to go over in the defencive stand point which is why I’m doing this first.

I’ll go through various positions, traps, mindsets and when to use these depending on the scenarios.

The WAR hold. (or how to overextend on riverside and achieve virtually nothing as you do it all the time)

  • Best with uber vs. uber.
  • Effective with uber advantage as you can control top quickly.
  • Risky with an uber disadvantage. Incredibly situational depending on where the enemy team is pushing with the uber.

I’d like to think that I invented this, not sure why I think it, but maybe it’s because I do it so much I’m sure I deserve the credit. Anyway this hold pretty much gives you entire control over the riverside, this means that nobody is going to be pushing from riverside to last as you should have it covered, it also block the entrance into water so there’s some more peace of mind for your team.


Aggressive is good if you must get a pick or if you know they are coming riverside, defensive is good when you just want to slow the enemy down.

The main idea with this set up is that it should force the players in to various channels, you’ll notice that the corridor is incredibly narrow, this should be enough to bunch up all the players giving you the ability to hit some sick pipes and take out some gamers. The main thing you need in this push is discipline as moving to far forward can easily get yourself killed, you want the enemies to come to you, not the other way around.

As you’re holding riverside it now means that the enemy should only really push through the shutter door, balcony or through lower lower/main/small main etc.

this door is a load of shit, making the enemy push  through this fucking thing is good.

this door is a load of shit, making the enemy push through this shit is good.

This means the enemy is going to have to uber earlier, your team can see them pushing and it means the enemy have a longer and less direct route to try and get a pop or kills on your team. If it’s starting to go sour for your team you can then start falling back in to water and head to the last point and defend from the back of it. I’ll get on to that position later as that is an option on it’s own for defending gullywash last. You’ll also have the option of actually coming in from riverside yourself and supporting your team there, you should be pretty good on health as well so you should really contribute a lot to the fight.

If you’re able to get some picks with this position you can then start getting a scout out through top to either get a back cap or a force on the medic, it completely opens up the situation for your team and gives you a lot of options to work with. If you want to particularly go balls deep yourself you can actually try and go to main from riverside and try and force the medic yourself. I’d only recommend this on a case by case basis as it can be incredibly risky to do this, even if you force the medic you will be completely out of position which will cause a lot of problems.

One good added benefit as well is that you can see what’s happening in a uber vs. uber situation from your position, if it’s going well for your team you can start making you way up riverside and cut them off in lobby and get some easy kills whilst they are weak. Again this will require you to get a very good read on the situation as if they pick you off that will just be another invitation for the enemies to go back in to last again.

A final note with this hold as well is always be aware of players coming from behind you, make sure you have a soldier hanging around on balcony or near riverside to stop a scout rushing you from the flank.

The water hold

  • Primarily used in an uber disadvantage situation.
  • Useless in a uber vs. uber fight as you cannot contribute from there, the only thing it helps with is you can pick flankers going water and giving your medic less things to heal.
  • If you are here and you have uber advantage you might actually be retarded, see a doctor (not the medic, an actual doctor).
this is also known as the HYS hold

Many 6 mans have happened here.

With this you are putting yourself on the last line of defence, there will be many times when you don’t achieve anything but there will also be moments when you slam the entire enemy team by yourself. The main thing you want to achieve is to buy time, you will go here because of a player/uber disadvantage so stalling the team whilst they deal with you may use up valuable seconds for someone to respawn, it helps your combo rotate around spawn whilst they are 99% with uber and it can get you some sick frags to add to the logs.

There isn’t really much to go through with this, the only extra part is that you can put some stickies in water to pick off any scouts that try and go to the point from riverside.

An alternative location is to hide in sneaky to the left of the point as you can have a bit of extra cover, the only issue here though is that you cannot defend the point as easily and you’ll be a lot more exposed.

Standard positions

  • Good for uber vs. uber
  • Poor with an uber disadvantage
  • More control over the fight

There are two positions that you can take on Gullywash last for a more standard hold, it’s either the left side of the point or the right side, this is dependant on how you play as a team, if your team is centered around you as a demoman more then I would say hold on the left side, if your team isn’t dependant on you as much, hold on the right side. Preferably you want to be on the right side, mainly so you are more spread out with your team and so then you are easing the pressure from your medic on last.

Going further on this, being very conscious of your team mates on last is incredibly important, the last point is very enclosed and forces everyone to be bunched up to cap the point, so you need to try your hardest to survive without baiting your team in the process. Try and keep your distance from your combo and try and do work with the least amount of heals as possible. If you make your medic multi uber to keep you alive, you are doing it wrong.

Moving back to the actual last itself there’s a variety of sticky traps that you can put up that are dependent on the situation that you have in front of you. Here are some recommended ones:

The first one is most effective for uber vs. uber. This is to have stickies on balcony, main or riverside.


The dots are stickies, idiot.

If it’s uber vs. uber you don’t really want to be wasting stickies at the start as they will uber through most doors anyway and with the way that the map is made you aren’t going to launch someone a far distance away. Here I would suggest that you try and get a pick on a class coming in to the fight from another direction, most of the time that player will be coming through when the ubers have run out giving you a good opportunity to get a quick pick for your team and turning the fight in your favour straight away. Don’t linger on these traps though, if there’s a better opportunity for you to contribute to the fight then do so.

This is the only time when having the scottish resistance wouldn't be retarded (as long as you're playing a tf2center game)

This is the only time when having the scottish resistance wouldn’t be retarded (as long as you’re playing a tf2center game)

Another option in a uber vs. uber scenario is to have several traps in very common places, this means that if the enemy is committing to the push you have loads of traps around so one of them is guaranteed to do some damage. I’d normally do this if I’m playing against opponents that I know well for it to pay off. I’d recommend this a lot as you can get some really good damage on multiple players, most of the time I have them in sets of 2 in quite a few areas.

I feel these pictures are lacking in detail and I apologise for that.

I feel these pictures are lacking in detail and I apologise for that.

If your team is more demoman focused I would recommend that you put stickies on the shutter door, riverside and a few on main as well. However when someone is pushing in on your team you will need to block the enemy out by just spamming stickies out at them, especially if they are coming through shutter door or main. Make sure that you are paying a lot of attention to this as you can destroy a push instantly with some quick reactions to their push, not only that but combine this with having a pyro on your team and it will stop anything that comes through you. Gullywash is one of a few maps where a team can lose an uber advantage push to last because of how confined the doors are to push in.

When they come riverside you can achieve pretty much the same as well, the main difference being that the players will be launched around the point a bit more which can be unpredictable. For most people that won’t be a problem but as I have mastered the art of launching every enemy player into my medic to make me look like a twat, so I normally avoid doing it, but as I’m going to assume you aren’t retarded like myself, you can do it with no issues.


That pretty much concludes gullywash last, the map is pretty friendly for demomen to defend on, the main thing you need to achieve is staying alive but still being useful in the process. I will be doing badlands for the next post unless I find something more exciting to write about.

Another brief mention as well is if you have any ideas for things for me to write about please leave a comment or get in contact with me!

Thank you.

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  1. I think you mentioned that you will cover this already,
    but it would be highly interesting to talk about the recent nerf to sticky launcher.

    Also, how about transition plays?
    Like winning mid -> transition to 4th -> into last

  2. Harrrrrry

     /  June 25, 2014

    I have a question about demo’s job when your team and the enemy team uber on each other. Is it worth placing sticks everywhere like a madman and hoping for a pick after the uber fades (which is often messed up by them moving away, or the pocket shooting the sticks), piping them to try and juggle, or just running away and getting an aggressive sticky trap? I normally mix between the first and the third option, in which ill sling 4/5 sticks on the floor around the enemy combo and leave the fight, putting sticks on the way out for an easy pick if they follow. I was wondering if I’m doing the right thing or if there is something that I should do completely differently, as sometimes I find that I achieve nothing during this space of time and waste all my ammo, leaving me open.


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