10 years since blog post

Aight lads,

So it’s been a while for a number of reasons.

I did a post about my health situation a while ago which has improved quite a bit thankfully.

This doesn’t mean my blog is going to be revitalised with a new lease of life, but it does mean that I can explore other things that I have been wanting to do.

First of all I have started a podcast which is on iTunes and on some other podcast related sites/applications, here’s a YouTube version. This will mainly be focused on a while host of things, not just TF2 related.

I’ve also started to do peripheral reviews of mice, keyboards etc. which can again be found on my YouTube channel.

Hopefully I will be doing TF2 related things again in the future, at the moment I’m very much focused on doing things that I really enjoy to keep my happiness levels as high as possible.

If you’ve stuck around this long I thank you a lot. It means a lot.

Till next time (maybe soon),



The Dead Bible: Focus Targets & Calling


For this post I’m going to focus (heh) on something that I feel is very important for the Demoman and is something that most people getting in to the class don’t take into consideration.

As the class that can do the most damage the quickest it’s incredibly important that you are a vocal contributor to your team, I’m not asking you to main call, you will just be someone that can give direction to the team during a fight.

This is slightly more advanced that what I originally anticipated for the Demoman Bible series but I feel very strongly about this subject which is why I feel the need to bring it up.

So let’s begin.

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The Demoman Bible Part II: Positioning

We are now going to be moving on to the nitty gritty of this Bible. First of all we will be looking at positioning, where to stand in certain situations, positioning when engaging in fights, and where you need to be to help maximise your potential.

This is going to contain some amazing artistry.

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WAR vs. Europe

Hello boys n’ girls, it’s time for a new article!

This one has been done by Gentlemen Jon who, as my number #1 fan, was outraged by me not getting the best demoman on the season award. Enraged by this Jon gathered up a plethora of stats to show you guys who is actually the best!

It then turned out that I was the best anyway but here’s the article…

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The Future of this Blog

Hello everyone,

I thought I’d give a minor update on this blog as it’s been a while since I last put up a post here. There was an article up at maincall.tf which you can go view if you’d like. I’ll be putting it up here in a few days time anyway.

For now though I am not sure if there will be any more posts in the future, I am at the moment slightly unwell, I’m on medication to help me which in turn is making it incredibly hard for me to concentrate enough to write something of quality. Things like reading, playing games and talking can be at points difficult for me to focus on and is causing a lot of frustration, it’s making me glum and unpleasant at times. I’d like to apologise to anyone that has added me wanting to have something signed, talk to me etc. as I may have come across rather unhappy or rude, I do not mean to come across this way.

I do have another post waiting to be completed but I’m not sure if I can really finish it, I keep trying but every time I read it I can’t make sense of it nor can I carry on what I was trying to do, the only way I can complete it is if I work on it in short sections every few days.


The Demoman Bible Part I: The Commandments & Introduction.

Welcome to what should hopefully be a recurring feature to my ever impressive blog. i52 is now over, I’m suffering from severe depression, so what better ways to ease my woes than type a shit ton of nonsense!

The effort I’m about to put in could however be completely made irrelevant again by one swift flick of Valve’s shitty balance wand!

So without further ado, let’s get started…

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Gullywash Last Defence

So I’m going to be going back to posts about certain parts of maps as I felt they were the most helpful, when I was doing some demo reviews I always saw demomen struggle to make themselves effective on certain parts of a map, I will look at middles again in the future, but personally I think that last points are critical, if a demoman is ineffective at pushing or defending last then they have lost the round before it has even begun.

First up we are going to be looking at Gullywash last; there’s a lot to go over in the defencive stand point which is why I’m doing this first.

I’ll go through various positions, traps, mindsets and when to use these depending on the scenarios.

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10 years since last blog post

Just a minor update as I’ve had a few people asking when my next article is. Basically I’m pretty busy arranging a Holiday next week so I’m kinda swamped, there’s already an article 50% done which is going to look at Granary last from a demoman perspective, this will be done maybe a week or two from now. I did do a demo review on my stream that I may upload and complete on Sunday.

I’m not dead and I will keep trying to bring you some content.

Thank you for your patience.


Aim theory

Okay, so I did a video on my stream where I talked about aim as whole, how to do it, picking your sensitivity, things you can do to be more consistent etc. The video was a bit scrappy but I think I talk about some interesting and useful stuff as well, either way I will give you all the information at the end with the things that I talk about, but this article is to just go over a few things that I felt I didn’t really get across well…

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Understanding viaduct

It’s been a long time, I have a lot of various articles waiting to be collected but I’m not happy enough with them to actually publish them.

Anyway this is going to be a lovely map discussion about Viaduct, I see a lot of teams struggle to play this map and can’t seem to get a proper grasp on how to react to various scenarios on it. I’ll primarily be looking at the point of view from the demoman but some parts on this map can be shared for other classes and the team as a whole.

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